[ExI] Mr Rogers (was More die of heart attacks during sex than died of shock when Forrest Gump won best picture

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Sun Apr 19 18:08:34 UTC 2020

>> If you are a Tom Hanks fan, do catch Mr. Rogers...spike
> *My kids loved Mr Rogers.  I thought he was smarmy at the least....  bill

>...My kids also loved Mr Rogers.  I was grateful for the low key
presentation.  IMHO there was too much hype in most of the TV programs, and
Mr Rogers simply did not have that.  It was quiet and calm, friendly
and ... sometimes rather dull...MB


After the camera stopped, what kind of person was Fred Rogers?  How did it
go when he interacted with others?  What did he do for fun?  What happens if
a magazine wants to do a hit piece on him?  It sounds like I am setting you
up for a culture clash comedy, but that isn't what they did with it.

There is a line which did make me laugh out loud.  The writer tells his wife
he is going to interview Mister Rogers and write a piece for the magazine.
She is shocked.  She says "Please, oh please Lloyd... don't fuck up my


My bride failed to see the humor, having never seen the original.  I thought
it was a hilarious comment, in an otherwise kinda dark movie.


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