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Sun Apr 19 18:19:10 UTC 2020

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> Seventh Day Adventism is a religion I embraced up until about age 20, when I discovered Darwin.

SDA is something I wrote about almost 20 years ago.  Sending Spike a
post from 18 years ago.  He can post whatever he likes of this long
public document.  Little more looking, Spike discussed this topic in a
reply to me in 2012.

There are one or two other religions that seem to have started with
temporal lobe epilepsy from head injuries.   I wrote about this on
this list in 2016, search for “Mary Baker Eddy”

> realized Darwin was right.  Therefore? my religion was wrong, dead wrong, pi radians wrong.  However? it too has its culturally and socially redeeming qualities.  For instance: a strict, very strict rule in that ideology is noooo druuuuugs, no dope of any kind, no alcohol, no tobacco, none of that junk.  Well, OK then.

I was about the same age when religions became intolerable.  I am well
known for favoring drugs, worked for NORML clear back in 1972
collecting signatures to decriminalize pot, drink alcohol on a regular
basis.  Don't have a use for tobacco, but opiates are fine.  (I have
genes such that I don't get addicted.)


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