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We have a situation where oil prices are (temporarily) negative: it is harder to shut off an oil well than one might imagine, and once it is, that well is a job to start back up.  This caused me to ponder something related to your post.


Dan, that gorgeous photo of Eunice Lake brings back fond memories.  My bride and I have been up to the fire lookout near where your photo was taken, and I agree, it is a beauty up there.  


I hike in the Mount Rainier area every summer, backpacking sometimes, hiking always.  Seattle is filled with people.  Many of them go to the airport, fly across the world to visit the Alps, when that gorgeous mountain with all its beautiful trails are an hour’s drive.  It can be done in an easy day trip.  Yet they wing it elsewhere, even if they have never been to Mt. Rainier.


Meanwhile… many if not most of the people I talk to on the trail at Mount Rainier… came over from Europe, to see the place.  Evidence: go up to Sunrise Point parking lot and notice how many cars look like rentals.


We do so much wasteful activity, it is appalling.  


In this time of emergency, my fond hope is we ponder what can be done far more efficiently, then do it that way.





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