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Thanks for that Dan.


My pleasure.

If you have ever done the RAMROD bicycle run around Mt. Rainier, you started and ended near where my friend lives and does most of his work.


>…Also, on foot, friends have hiked completely around Rainier, which takes about a week to ten days...


You sure do, if you consider me a friend: my bride and I did the Wonderland Trail in summer of 2004.  It was an epic adventure.  There was one day on the west side trail when we saw more bears than we saw people.


We are trying to score permits to do the west side again this summer from Cougar Rock to Mowich Lake.  If we get permits, we will take the afore-mentioned friend and my son.


>…I have yet to hike Pinnacle, but the views are supposed to be great from there. The sad thing is that would be a very popular area — near Paradise… 


We are talking about two different Pinnacle Peaks.  The one I meant is near Enumclaw.  The one near Paradise is stunning indeed.  We were up there last summer.  Ja it is crowded there at times.  Go during the week.  Be ye very careful: lots of loose rock and ways to hurt yourself on that trail.  


>…I’m not antisocial, but it’s nice in and to hike to an area where it’s not crowded. I usually go with a group anyhow — typically a half dozen people.  Regards, Dan


Dan that trail, particularly the west side, is all about solitude.  That year we made the full loop, we had back-country permits which are damn hard to get (good thing they are.)  We were overlooking Golden Lakes from part way up the mountain when I took this picture looking east:



Thanks for mentioning that trail, for they are fond memories indeed.  I do hope we get permits again soon, for we have few remaining years in which we will be strong enough to do that 4 day hike which is the west side.





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