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> Thanks for that Dan.

My pleasure.

> If you have ever done the RAMROD bicycle run around Mt. Rainier, you started and ended near where my friend lives and does most of his work.

No, but I have friends who’ve done the STP — Seattle to Portland. Also, on foot, friends have hiked completely around Rainier, which takes about a week to ten days. I do day hikes, so nothing epic like that for me.

> There is a high place near there called Mount Peak, also known as Pinnacle Peak.  It looks to me like his best bet would be to scramble on over there and climb quickly.

I have yet to hike Pinnacle, but the views are supposed to be great from there. The sad thing is that would be a very popular area — near Paradise — which means crowded. I’m not antisocial, but it’s nice in and to hike to an area where it’s not crowded. I usually go with a group anyhow — typically a half dozen people. 


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