[ExI] How email works; was: More Americans died of COVID-19

Re Rose rocket at earthlight.com
Sun Apr 19 21:40:28 UTC 2020

Hi, Spike's comment below made me remember I am also a woman, not that
there's anything worong with that.

(Seinfeld humor ~ lol)

Also, I have been ignoring the flying flames about deleting email tails,
they do seem quite silly.

SR, I didn't know you were a woman, but I also agree that you should stick
around. As a long-time mostly lurker, I enjoy your posts. Plus,
evidently we share a lack that pesky y-chromosome, so there's that too  :)

best to all,

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Ballard via extropy-chat?

>?So I looked around and found Humanity+ by our own Natasha Vita-More? SR

Thanks for that!

Natasha and Max are the real owners of this list.  I am just the volunteer
caretaker until they get back to being ready to do their thing.

I do apologize for your being shut down in 2010.  This has always been a
rough neighborhood because of intentionally light moderation.  The price of
that philosophy is this current flame war.

>From your commentary we kinda knew you were young but the bit about
college was new and surprising.  People who have college degrees know how
little of what is offered there is truly perspective-changing.  Consider
our kindhearted Dr. Rafal: that man has more degrees than a thermometer,
but has always treated me as his equal.  This caused him to whoop my ass in
the Humility Olympics.  Well, temporarily anyway.  We tied for second, with
all the others.

SR, I think you are the only woman left here.  They get tired of lonely men
wanting to get to know them better perhaps.  Or it could be they are
repulsed by the tone which is often a sinusoid, alternating between
abrasive and abusive.  I find that atmosphere most regrettable.

Regarding moderation, I have contacted one who has agreed to be a shadow
moderator.  That person and I will not moderate-flag anyone until we agree
it just hasta be done.  We are intentionally keeping a lid on the identity
of that volunteer second moderator, for reasons that might be clear enough.


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