[ExI] How email works; was: More Americans died of COVID-19

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Sun Apr 19 13:29:20 UTC 2020

This an excellent post.  I too wish you would stay and try to ignore what
you don't like.  billw

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> John K Clark, do you understand how email works?
> Did you know that your replies are automatically placed underneath my own
> writing by my mail program?
> Did you know it actually takes more energy for me to remove them, and so
> them existing is actually the default? Did you know anyone who is used to
> reading emails, such as yourself, would not actually read that part of the
> email, and in fact your mail program likely hid it from you unless you went
> out of your way to read it?
> “I” didn’t copy or repeat anything you write, a mindless program did. I’m
> surprised you would be upset about such a thing. It’s like getting upset
> because a ball dropped when you let go of it.
> Should I develop a similar verbal style to yours? To be extremely
> aggressive, flippant, and juvenile? This is literally the online equivalent
> of “I’m not touching you” in it’s level of maturity.
> I don’t understand your need to get so aggressive when so many people
> agree with you. Endless screeds about a certain President (who I also
> hate), constant comparison of infection statistics to previous wars (I
> think it was mishandled but it’s not a war), crusader imagery against the
> anti-scientific “barbarian” infidels (and somehow considering any of us
> science haters because we think that dehumanizing people is maybe a bit too
> much), you frothing attacks when someone wants to use the word “but”...
> what gives? Why?
> Why do you think that just because we disagree with you that we are
> somehow thick, or anti-science? Why are nuanced opinions wrong? Why does
> everything have to be black or white? And regardless of why you are so
> angry, why do you have to take it out on us?
> Maybe I don’t contribute as much as all of you wish I could. I often feel
> inferior to y’all because I’m much younger and don’t have a college degree.
> Maybe I don’t belong here. But if there isn’t a place in the transhumanist
> sphere for someone without a degree, despite any interest I have or my
> desire to be involved, then I don’t think that’s such a good thing.
> I enjoy reading the majority of things posted on the list but it’s getting
> to the point where maybe I’ll unsubscribe. And I’m sure y’all wouldn’t miss
> me, even though I’ve been reading for almost a decade, but it’s still
> really sad.
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