[ExI] How email works; was: More Americans died of COVID-19

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sun Apr 19 22:00:15 UTC 2020

I'm here too, a grandma.  (spike knows that, he just forgot....)

Ended up here 20 years ago because I was foster mom to a Python regius. 
Long complicated silly story.  ;)

Be well, y'all.


On Sun, April 19, 2020 17:40, Re Rose via extropy-chat wrote:
> Hi, Spike's comment below made me remember I am also a woman, not that
> there's anything worong with that.
> (Seinfeld humor ~ lol)
> Also, I have been ignoring the flying flames about deleting email tails,
> they do seem quite silly.
> SR, I didn't know you were a woman, but I also agree that you should stick
> around. As a long-time mostly lurker, I enjoy your posts. Plus,
> evidently we share a lack that pesky y-chromosome, so there's that too  :)
> best to all,
> Regina
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> Ballard via extropy-chat?
>>?So I looked around and found Humanity+ by our own Natasha Vita-More? SR
> Thanks for that!
> Natasha and Max are the real owners of this list.  I am just the volunteer
> caretaker until they get back to being ready to do their thing.
> I do apologize for your being shut down in 2010.  This has always been a
> rough neighborhood because of intentionally light moderation.  The price
> of
> that philosophy is this current flame war.
>>From your commentary we kinda knew you were young but the bit about
> college was new and surprising.  People who have college degrees know how
> little of what is offered there is truly perspective-changing.  Consider
> our kindhearted Dr. Rafal: that man has more degrees than a thermometer,
> but has always treated me as his equal.  This caused him to whoop my ass
> in
> the Humility Olympics.  Well, temporarily anyway.  We tied for second,
> with
> all the others.
> SR, I think you are the only woman left here.  They get tired of lonely
> men
> wanting to get to know them better perhaps.  Or it could be they are
> repulsed by the tone which is often a sinusoid, alternating between
> abrasive and abusive.  I find that atmosphere most regrettable.
> Regarding moderation, I have contacted one who has agreed to be a shadow
> moderator.  That person and I will not moderate-flag anyone until we agree
> it just hasta be done.  We are intentionally keeping a lid on the identity
> of that volunteer second moderator, for reasons that might be clear
> enough.
> spike
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