[ExI] How many current members of ExI?

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Mon Apr 20 01:28:19 UTC 2020

>…I read all the time but I rarely communicate but I want to say hello at this invitation.


>…In my conversation with Stephen Hawking in 2012.   I've come to understand that faith is a non-material path to Infiniti, the way that education leads to a path, and can be described, but I'm not going to do it.  I'm just saying it's probably in the young adult version of Stephen Hawking's seminal book.





Ilsa!  You spoke with Stephen Hawking!  I am no longer an atheist, there is a god and she is YOU!


Oh this is cool, I didn’t even know you were still on the list.  


Glad to see you are still here my young friend.


This is why I never could answer Jose’s subject-line question: I don’t know.  I can estimate a couple dozen regular posters, and we know we have lurkers, but beyond that I suck.


>…With delight to be feeding my mind with your lovely conversations over the last 15 plus years… ilsa


Lovely conversations?  Where you find?  


A more moderate form of the word “love” would be “like” so I could go with we have likely conversations.  But English is screwed up and we already used up the term likely for something else.  Of course it is also an open-minded language, so we can add more definitions to the same word.  If halfway between like and dislike is meh, then I propose the term likely to mean somewhere between lovely and mehly.




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