[ExI] Atheism again (was: How many current members of ExI?)

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Hi Ben,
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>  The opinions of atheists are not convictions. They are evidence-based
> opinions.

Not for those of us in the  in the "hope based atheist opinion
<https://canonizer.com/topic/2-Atheist-Hope/5>" camp.  As I indicated on
the other related thread that spawned all this repetitive discussion,
Mormon Transhumanist (non atheists) have their "New God Argument
<https://new-god-argument.com/>"  which is basically the same argument that
we are in a simulation.

This argument is devastating to my hope that Gods don't have to hide.  It
forces me to accept that there is a good chance that we are in a simulation
(and that there is a creator of that simulation, hiding from us).  But, I
can also rationally point out that there is a small possibility that we may
be the first, or something like that.  So, for me, this evidence based most
likely possibility that we are in a simulation is overridden by my faith
and hope that we are not.

Brent Allsop
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