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I think this is a wonderful argument. I really appreciate the way you guys precisely laid out the assumptions you were making as well as alternatives. The MTA has come a long way over the years in really nailing down their doctrine. Are we the first, or are we the flame that gets passed from torch to torch? Regardless, I am impressed with you guys. :-)

Stuart LaForge

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Hi Ben,
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>  The opinions of atheists are not convictions. They are evidence-based opinions.

Not for those of us in the  in the "hope based atheist opinion" camp.  As I indicated on the other related thread that spawned all this repetitive discussion, Mormon Transhumanist (non atheists) have their "New God Argument"  which is basically the same argument that we are in a simulation.

This argument is devastating to my hope that Gods don't have to hide.  It forces me to accept that there is a good chance that we are in a simulation (and that there is a creator of that simulation, hiding from us).  But, I can also rationally point out that there is a small possibility that we may be the first, or something like that.  So, for me, this evidence based most likely possibility that we are in a simulation is overridden by my faith and hope that we are not.

Brent Allsop

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