[ExI] Atheism again (was: How many current members of ExI?)

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> >* P.S. Russell's teapot doesn't count*
> Why not?

Because it makes an assumption that it does not attempt to prove--that
believing in God is as ridiculous as believing in the teapot.  It uses the
most ridiculous forms of belief in God, man-in-the-sky stuff, to paint over
all belief with a broad brush.

I believe that God is a rational deduction which only requires materialism
and the experience of one's own consciousness.  So for me it is
atheism--which has NO logical grounding--that is more crazy and more rooted
in faith.  Agnosticism is more palatable because I won't fault anyone for
having no belief.  But it is still true in my eyes that any scientist
should rationally believe in substrate independent consciousness (unless
they are a vitalist scientist from the 1700s.) So to me--with all due*
respect--you are the fool.

*You may deduce for yourself how much may be due ;)

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