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Ja of course. ...

Sorry, Spike. This wasn't directed at you. Somehow I missed off Giulio's
remark "Just happens *physically*", which was in response to me saying "just
happens magically".

Ben Zaiboc
No worries Ben, religion always requires inventiveness and imagination.
The problem is when a hardcore empiricist examines his own long-held
religious convictions.
I had an experience that may be relevant, a commend made by the bride of my
friend from Washington who lives near Mount Peak.  She was well aware of my
philosophical path.  Her comment went along these lines:
If atheism is right, then the things we do in this life are irrelevant for
they all lead to the same place in a short enough time.  Even if we think of
our children and how to improve their world, that too is irrelevant for they
too face the same short time in a meaningless existence with no real
destiny, and so on with their children.  The notion that all of our
existence is all perfectly meaningless is not acceptable.  Therefore, we
assume there is a point to it all.
I chose to not contest the notion.  She too seemed to be able to do
something I am utterly unable to do: choose one's belief.  I am one who
cannot choose what I believe, for if I could, I would never have rejected my
comfortable religion to start with.  I was happy there.  It was very
difficult for me when I began to realize it was all wrong, and I don't feel
as if I had the option to both believe and disbelieve at the same time.
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