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I just learned that virus survivors can donate plasma for those who are suffering from it and may save lives.


Urge those you know who have had it (Spike?) to donate.


bill w



I plan to do that after the quarantine expires.  My doctor advised staying back until then.  Fortunately our local case load is merciful and manageable.  I do what she says.  The one time I didn’t, things went badly and could have been much worse.


Check this:




Clearly the governors of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut are to blame, the scoundrels.


Or mass transit is to blame: that is something all four of those states share, and it has the added bonus that it is a perfectly plausible vector.


It would be interesting to see a comparison with European cities where they have subways and trains.  Does the case load follow those tracks?  They do in New York.


The worrisome part: I contracted the viral pneumonia (we don’t know if it was C-19) about a week after I donated blood.  None of the workers wore masks in December.  If I caught whatever that was somewhere, good chance that is where.


I also had contact with another scout parent when we did Boards of Review, a stewardess who regularly travels to China, and we had a small room.  I think those two sources are the most plausible, but of course it could be just a grocery store source: we have a lot of regular China-travelers in this neighborhood.  There was a huge howl of local protest on 31 January when travel restrictions to and from China went in place: the US had no C-19 related deaths at that time and plenty of locals have manufacturing businesses in China, which were immediately impacted.





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