[ExI] becoming a fossil, ip and governors, was: RE: No gods, no meaning?

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Wed Apr 22 15:05:33 UTC 2020

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Damn, I might get sued.  I want to patent the notion of taking your earthly remains, having your head frozen, buying some else's dead head, putting it with your body, using one of those ultrasound water jet wands they use to do liposuction to remove flab from your ass and injecting it into your chest and upper arms so you look like a humility champion, preserving your newly-sculpted body and younger better-looking head in a coffin-shaped block of clear epoxy-resin and placed where some revolting but intelligent creature might find it a few million years from now.

I would like that to be my intellectual property, but if I did, Stuart Avantguardian LaForge would point out that it was his idea to start with, for he posted thus:

>...Worry not, Spike...imagine the impact that finding the Statue of Liberty would have on some none-human archaeologist in a few billion years...  Stuart LaForge

...which the casual observer can easily see leads directly to the notion of paying old spike money (lots of it) to become a great-looking fossil.  Stuart could sit and wait for me to make a scandalous fortune off the idea, then sue my goddam brains out.

Meanwhile...the governor of California is dealing with the consequences of his own actions.  He wants to start opening up the state, but some cities are already opening up some functions, in possible defiance of state "orders" which never passed the state legislature so they aren't laws.  Yesterday he was talking about what happens if cities just say OK go ahead and open your shops.  He commented thus:

“I imagine there’ll be some examples of people just getting ahead of that collaborative spirit.  And we may have to dial a little bit of that back.”  Governor Newsom
OK so now we have a governor who led the way in declaring marijuana legal in California when federal law still prohibits it in defiance of federal law, dealing with what happens if local governments declare opening your own shop legal in defiance of governor's orders, but without an actual state law to back it up.  Power struggle!  I think we need a showdown here, ja?


Stuart, perhaps we can work out some kind of IP-sharing agreement?  I will agree to take the profits, you can have all the credit for being the originator of the imaginative idea.


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