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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 16:00:41 UTC 2020

How many times must a prediction be made and fail before you stop thinking
that it will come true?  Thousands?  Jesus preached that the end of the
world was near.  Paul believed that and based a lot of his teachings on it;
otherwise some of what he said makes little sense.  (don't marry, he said -
good advice at any time, some say, but esp. when the end of the world is
upon us).  Christianity would be a better religion if we ignored Paul.

Keeping a belief in a religion that keeps predicting the end of the world
would seem to be way beyond obstinate.  If you can prove anything about
religion it is that it is not rational - fails to respond to failed
predictions by people who have a  lot respect, charisma, and so on, one of
them being a god, or half a god or however you view Jesus if you are a
follower of his.  (I am, on certain things, like forgiveness).  Are failed
predictions evidence of absence?

bill w

I keep being reminded of that book When Prophecy Fails, by two
psychologists who joined a cult - long ago.

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> *> The religion of atheism claims to have the important fact, established
>> without doubt, that an omnipotent omniscient being who created the universe
>> doesn't exist.*
> Perhaps it does say that but I really couldn't say because I don't know
> anything about the religion of atheism. All I know is the scientific
> method never says something has been established beyond all doubt, although
> on occasion it does say some things are too silly to talk about.
>  John K Clark
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