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> If prayer reliably restored amputated limbs, and I lost a limb, do you
> think I'd refuse to pray?

That's the problem.  Those who insist on challenging "belief" in science
will often then assert that prayer does restore limbs, and any other
miracle desired - except when they don't, but perhaps they restore someone
else's, et cetera.

It's not the reasoning they really challenge.  It's the basic data - the
basic truth of the world.  They insist a priori that prayer works, so all
the evidence must (in their opinion) be altered to support that conclusion.

So the real problem is, how do you deal with those who try to alter the
data of reality in that manner (and fail, though they may preach their
claims loudly enough to convince some people), rather than accepting the
world as it is and adjusting their beliefs accordingly?
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