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> I bought this book thinking that I could understand it more than it appears that I can.  It is written by a man who has been in the field of AI for a long time, and now wants to create a math that does what statistics cannot do:  answer why.
> The book is The Book of Why:  The New Science of Cause and Effect.  by Judea Pearl (winner of the 2011 Turing Award)
> Check it out on Amazon.  I will consider requests and send it to someone who tells me it's in their field.

It's on my reading list, though not so much because of the AI stuff but because of the causality stuff...

By the way, if you're interested in causality per se, a great book I have read is Phil Dowe's _Physical Causation_.

I also recommend _The Oxford Handbook of Causation_. In fact, all the Oxford Handbooks I've read so far have been very helpful and great references. I don't pretend to comprehend them, but they're good to have around.


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