[ExI] ants again, was: RE: No gods, no meaning?

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Wed Apr 22 23:17:54 UTC 2020

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...if you wanted to know what the word 'entomology' means, who would be the
most accurate source, an entomologist or a fireman?

Ben Zaiboc


Ben you gave me a terrific idea, a slight extension on your question.

Suppose you think it would be cool to be a fossil, but it is too expensive,
but you are like me and you like ants, so you figure OK, head frozen, don't
want to pay the money for a coffin and the plot of ground for the rest of
you, but you can envision getting your carbon atoms back into the atmosphere
without the expense and smoke of cremation and the whole question of what to
do with the ashes and all that.  Hey it's Earth Day, of course I am going to
be thinking smoke and ashes.

So suppose you find a way to get your temperature down to where the covalent
bonds are just giving up, such as at liquid neon temperature, 27 Kelvin at 1
atmosphere.  Grind or bash you to about #10 gravel size while hard frozen,
then distribute the bits on a big field where the ants can devour you.
Since ants are about a third head, we hope they don't get an ice-person

Ben your notion of defining the term entomology leads directly to hard
freezing, grinding to gravel and feeding corpses to ants.  I still haven't
figured out a way to work the firemen in there.  Can we work out an
intellectual property sharing agreement?  I will offer you the same deal I
proposed to Avantguardian: we make a team, I'll be rich, you can be famous.


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