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Cool thanks Stuart.  Let's have a gentleman's agreement: each of us will toss down a sack of money to the other should our ideas work out.  We make a second gentleman's agreement to make it a sack of paper money, in order to reduce the risk of injury.  Hal Finney and I had a similar agreement but his condition made him unable to hurl the sack of coins, and so that didn't work out for me.
I agree to your terms, Spike. Hal Finney's coins are not the kind that can be tossed any way but rumor has it that if he is ever restored with his memory intact, he would be a very wealthy man due to his cryptocurrency holdings. It would be nice to see you collect.
I am not a bit surprised the government would find a way to interfere with your robo-companion.  They did that with Fit Bit: some doctor used the pulse data from it to determine how to treat a fibrillation patient, they declared it a medical instrument, made big headaches for the company.  Same happened to 23&Me, which is why its price doubled and the info they offered went down.
The government has not actually interfered yet, as I am still well beneath their notice. But I am just thinking ahead and trying to head them off at the pass so to speak.
The market is there: if we can work out good online speech recognition avatars and satisfy the power-grabby authorities that of course it neither a medical device nor a spy machine, the proles will buy the hell outta that product.  The rich ones might even pop for a 3-D version and pay even more if she has convincing anatomically-correct everything.  Hell never mind them, I would buy that.
If it gets that far, I could sign you up to be a beta-tester. :-)

Stuart LaForge

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