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Thu Apr 23 04:14:22 UTC 2020

Again, I feel compelled to not let the word 'radical' be used to mean something bad. You're using it, it seems, as a stand in for someone who can't take criticism, satire, jokes, etc. But there are already other, better words for that. Why not just say 'dogmatist'?

Also, there are different behaviors to react to criticism depending on context. Sometimes, one's patience can reasonably be at its limit. I've run into cases where people simply repeat their criticisms as if they've never been answered. In one discussion forum, there was a guy who went on about Georgism and would simply repeat his criticisms of non-Georgist approaches as if no one had bothered to answer them. After a while, people in the forum simply ignored him and many blocked his posts. No one, of course, advocated he be forced to recant or retract. In fact, no one even suggested he be banned from the forum. Eventually, he just stopped posting.


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> On Apr 21, 2020, at 12:19 PM, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
> no-one has the right
> to prevent others from giving offence, as many muslims, christians, and
> others are constantly trying to do.
> Ben Zaiboc
> What that tells this psychologist is that those people have a shaky belief system - sort of like a weak ego that cannot stand criticism.  One strong in belief can enjoy satire, jokes, drawings, or any kind of criticism.  We do know that the radicals in each group are a small minority.
> How would you react if someone challenged your belief in science?  With patience, I hope, a shake of the head, perhaps a tendency to preach the values of science, but nothing remotely violent or even harsh.
> bill w
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