[ExI] ants again

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Thu Apr 23 07:55:58 UTC 2020

On 23/04/2020 00:18, Spike wrote:
> Ben your notion of defining the term entomology leads directly to hard
> freezing, grinding to gravel and feeding corpses to ants.  I still haven't
> figured out a way to work the firemen in there.  Can we work out an
> intellectual property sharing agreement?  I will offer you the same deal I
> proposed to Avantguardian: we make a team, I'll be rich, you can be famous.

Spike, my answer is the same as Stuart's. I hereby relinquish any and 
all claim to it

If you can figure out how to (and actually achieve) a way to make cubic 
buttloads of money from these crazy ideas, you have my blessing. 
Attribution not required.

Oh, and the firemen can squirt the frozen particles through their hoses 
to an ant-rich environment. Or maybe squirt the ants onto a field of 
frozen corpse-particles. I don't know how to solve the ant-brain-freeze 
problem, though. Or, you know, killing the ants by blasting them with 
meat at 27K.

I actually think the fossilisation idea might have some potential, 
though. I reckon there will be folks willing to pay for a service that 
literally fossilises them after death (how cool would it be to be up 
there with T-Rex, H. Floresiensis and Carcharodon Megalodon?!). The 
problem is we don't know how to do it other than marinading someone's 
body in the appropriate chemical environment for millions of years. But, 
you could offer to do just that. Nobody is going to sue you if it 
doesn't work.

Ben Zaiboc

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