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On 23/04/2020 00:18, Spike wrote:
>>... Ben your notion of defining the term entomology leads directly to hard

> freezing, grinding to gravel and feeding corpses to ants... I'll be rich,
you can be famous.

>...Spike... I hereby relinquish any and all claim to it...If you can figure
out how to (and actually achieve) a way to make cubic buttloads of money
from these crazy ideas, you have my blessing. 
Attribution not required...

Crazy?  Whaddya mean crazy?  They thought Bill Gates was crazy for buying
DOS!  They thought Carly Fiorina was crazy for buying... oh wait never mind,
back up.  They thought Bill Gates was crazy.  They thought Howard Hughes was
cr... emmm... Gates!  He wasn't crazy at all.

>...I actually think the fossilisation idea might have some potential,
though. I reckon there will be folks willing to pay for a service that
literally fossilises them after death (how cool would it be to be up there
with T-Rex, H. Floresiensis and Carcharodon Megalodon?!)...

Ja it would be more like ants fossilized in amber.  You can see them in
there, perfectly preserved, inside a resin that hardened to a rock:


>...The problem is we don't know how to do it other than marinading
someone's body in the appropriate chemical environment for millions of
years. But, you could offer to do just that. Nobody is going to sue you if
it doesn't work...-- Ben Zaiboc


Ja I suppose you could soak the client in formaldehyde beforehand (not
amino-stabilized laboratory formaldehyde but rather the intentionally
volatile methanal (CH2O which vaporizes at around -19C)) soak for a coupla
days, take her out and into a refrigerator, let the volatile formaldehyde
boil off slowly so it doesn't discolor the skin (temporarily storing a
headless corpse inside a refrigerator opens up a whole new class of possible
practical jokes), formaldehyde boils off, coffin-shaped box of clear-epoxy
resin, in goes the enhanced body and the younger better-looking head, along
with a plate with clever sayings and an eternal website offering information
about what a fun person this was (the body, not the head.)

But of course, this whole notion leads to a better idea, which someone
somewhere has probably already done: eternal websites.  

Suppose I want to write about what a great guy I was, how fun, imaginative,
humble and all that, then put it on a website, then have that URL carved
into my gravestone where the rest of me would be disposed of should my epoxy
resin notion and my ant-food notion both fail.  Does anyone offer a service
that promises to do a data cemetery, where information is preserved for


Couldn't we make buttload on that?


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