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>  I am starting to think there is a need for a book about the early
development of a long list of Extropian ideas.  Max More would be the
obvious one to write it, but I *might* consider doing it if he does
not want to write it.  Max gave me the early archives a couple of
years ago.  The book would be largely one of postings and explanations
from the early days.  Perry Metzger and maybe some of the other early
posters would need to review it.



Keith there is a lot of terminology to be explained.  You could do the book as an Extropian dictionary, with examples of how it was used.  


I had a guy recently post me offlist saying there are terms and assumptions unfamiliar to him that makes the posts hard to understand.  I explained that the term “buttload” means a large amount of money.  He already understood that, but what is an M-brain, that sorta thing.


Do let me volunteer my editorial services sir.  I might be able to help with Robert Bradburyisms.  He by himself contributed a lot of fun stuff back in the olden days.  We might need a separate chapter on Bradburyisms.





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