[ExI] Is the USA doing too much to prevent COVID-19?

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>…It seems to me we are way to fearful and tend to way over-react.

Sure 9-11 was bad, but not nearly as bad as the hell we all still suffer every day at airports, completely failing at doing any good.

That continuing suffering at the airports, for all of us, in total, is far worse than 9-11, ever was.


>…I want to move to sweden:


Sure, they have a few more sick than their restrictive neighbors, Denmark and Norway, but they also have twice the population.

So, per capita, they are doing far better, via bottom up volunteering, rather than top down force.







Hi Brent,


When anyone expresses an opinion on whether a government is doing too much or too little, consider the source.  


Our world today is divided into those who are still getting their paychecks and those who are not.  If someone expresses an opinion one way or the other, try to determine which group that person is in, and how it might influence their view.


I am one who sees shops declaring themselves essential and opening back up.  The local authorities are doing nothing, and of course the local government outranks the governor ever since the governor declared the state to outrank the Federal government.  I expect more shops to open soon.  


WeI can see that introduces risk, but these shop owners and employees are not getting a paycheck until the doors open, so I can see how that paycheck is an essential service to them.


The notion of closing a society is not sustainable.  It divides societies between the paid and not paid.



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