[ExI] texas county judge demands residents wear bananas

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> The US government does not have the authority to amend or repeal human
> rights.

Yes it does.  It also has the authority to establish new human rights, such
as freedom from slavery.

> If it asserts that authority in the future, it no longer the US government
> and is not entitled to the authorities granted to it by the constitution.

No, it would remain the US government.  De jure arguments aside, there
would without question be enough people still supporting the US government
even if it turned fascist, that it would remain the de facto US government.

> At that time, there is no professional army, for there is no authority to
> collect taxes, and no means of paying them.

Do you really think that none of the professional army would stay on if the
US government redefined human rights again?  Granted, that whole Civil War
issue saw a large chunk of the US's professional army turn against it, but
another large chunk continued to serve.  Redefining rights to the positive
is a more well known example than redefining rights to the negative, though
there have arguably been cases where the US Army got involved in police
actions of questionable legality, and in those cases things did not end
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