[ExI] texas county judge demands residents wear bananas

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The Bill of Rights is the greatest secular document in history.  bill w

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>> The US government does not have the authority to amend or repeal human
>> rights.
> Yes it does.  It also has the authority to establish new human rights,
> such as freedom from slavery.
>> If it asserts that authority in the future, it no longer the US
>> government and is not entitled to the authorities granted to it by the
>> constitution.
> No, it would remain the US government.  De jure arguments aside, there
> would without question be enough people still supporting the US government
> even if it turned fascist, that it would remain the de facto US government.
>> At that time, there is no professional army, for there is no authority to
>> collect taxes, and no means of paying them.
> Do you really think that none of the professional army would stay on if
> the US government redefined human rights again?  Granted, that whole Civil
> War issue saw a large chunk of the US's professional army turn against it,
> but another large chunk continued to serve.  Redefining rights to the
> positive is a more well known example than redefining rights to the
> negative, though there have arguably been cases where the US Army got
> involved in police actions of questionable legality, and in those cases
> things did not end well.
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