[ExI] texas county judge demands residents wear bananas

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>> Is there anywhere in the US where an atheist who simply ignored anything
>> to do with religion (which describes most atheists) would be noticed and
>> frowned upon?
> Yes, mostly in the South.  I stay away from those places.  (Theoretically
> I might visit for work, but if so I would keep my interactions strictly to
> the work-related area - which would likely be protected by police biased
> toward those there to do the work.)
> Even in California, I have received death threats after I explained to an
> evangelist, who was trying to get me personally to convert, that I was an
> atheist, though this was some decades ago and atypical for the region.

I imagine you would attract attention if you announced that you were an
atheist, but if you lived and worked in the South and just never mentioned
religion, or politely smiled and moved to the next topic when someone else
did, would you be OK?

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