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The theory at the time was that a baby's immune system is not fully formed
at birth and could be trained to some extent.  Baby Fae was given an outside
chance than the baboon heart would last long enough to keep her alive until
a suitable human donor could be found.


My memories of that are 36 years old, but I remember it well because my
former college roommate was in medical school at Loma Linda at the time, and
later worked with Dr. Bailey.  I was starting my career.  I remember how the
men would gather around the newspaper first thing in the morning, cheer when
it was unrolled and they heard Baby Fae was holding on another day.  I
remember seeing men weep for her on the day she died.


The baboon had type AB blood, Fae had type 0.  They knew it was a temporary
and they knew it was a longshot.  The lessons learned that fall paved the
way for later successful cross-species transplants.


If you really can't see why that experiment has any value, don't worry, Dr.
Bailey wouldn't want you as a patient either.



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