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> *It doesn’t matter what kind of safety net a society has: none of them
> are sustainable with their economies shut down.  *

The economies are not totally shut down, not really, I estimate about 30%
is still operational. That's not enough to keep everybody at the lifestyle
they have been accustomed to but that combined with the huge amount of
wealth already stored up is, if properly managed, more than enough to keep
great masses of people from starving to death until a vaccine is found, at
least in technologically advanced nations.

*> Without the masses having jobs, these safety nets have nothing to fund
> them for anything but the short term.  People will soon see these safety
> nets are an illusion, providing only a false sense of security.*

If that point is ever reached then society breaks down and civilization
ends, so if they're smart Republicans had better wish that point is never
reached, especially billionaire Republicans.

John K Clark
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