[ExI] So much for it being no worse than the ordinary flu

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Fri Apr 24 21:58:15 UTC 2020

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*> It's a serious question, John.   Do you believe this virus is going to
> continue to grow exponentially until the entire population of the US is
> infected?*

That's a entirely different question than the one you previously asked, and
I don't claim to have a definitive answer to it but we know for sure that
this thing is super infectious so with no quarantine of any sort that is a
entirely possible scenario. And if that happens then you'd get about a
hundred million people that will be too sick to function for several weeks,
and you'd also get several million dead Americans. And the curve tells us
this thing works fast so you'd get the entire nightmare at almost the same
time overwhelming the medical community. That's why it would be totally
irresponsible to pretend we can go back to normal right now.

John K Clark
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