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Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Fri Apr 24 22:00:07 UTC 2020

On 24/04/2020 21:02, bill w wrote:
> Without original sin people have nothing to be saved from - ergo, they 
> (Baptists, for instance) have to keep believing in it or their 
> religion fails.  I hate this idea more than anything I can think of at 
> the moment.  bill w

I can't emphasise enough how much I agree with this. The concept of 
'original sin' is just about the most perverted, evil thing I've ever 
come across. It is pure evil, and one of the things that made me realise 
what religion (Judaeo-Christian, at least) really is.

On a more light-hearted note, I remember a comedian satirising the 
absurd idea of jesus dying for our 'sins', saying something like "I hit 
myself in the foot with a shovel for your mortgage".

You're guilty for something someone else supposedly did long ago, then a 
complete stranger suffers to make up for it. Where is the sense in that? 
The whole package is so absurd it hurts. And they teach this to little 
kids! If that's not child abuse, I don't know what is.

Ben Zaiboc

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