[ExI] The Soul (was: Re: No gods, no meaning?)

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sat Apr 25 06:32:47 UTC 2020

On 24/04/2020 23:57, Jason Resch wrote:
> I'm currently writing a book on the science of the soul

Oh, wow!

You realise how revolutionary this is?

Before you write your book, I think you should publish your scientific 
evidence for the existence of a soul.

I always thought it was just a fantasy, some non-falsifiable made-up 
idea to make it easier to control people.

Be prepared for lots of questions. Personally, I'm interested to know:

What is it, exactly?
Does your soul remember your past?
How does it relate to the mind and the brain?
What is it made of?
What is its mass?
Do dogs have souls? (Socialists, Canadians, hamsters, goldfish, etc...?)
How does it arise? (can we make one in the laboratory?)

and, of course, what is your proof that it exists?

I'm sure there will be many more questions, if you can demonstrate that 
you're actually on to something.

Ben Zaiboc

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