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 >> the best word to describe that sort of behavior is Doublethink. And
>> that is not conducive to competence or even sanity.

> Then how would you regard Isaac Newton?  He was a spiritualist according
> to what I have read (not a lot),and out side of math he was wacky (to use
> the proper term).   bill w

Newton was probably the most intelligent man who ever lived but he was also
a very unpleasant human being, and there is a fine line between genius and
insanity. It can't be denied that Newton devoted most of his brilliant mind
to wacky religious ideas that nobody today thinks have any value. In his
defence Newton was a man of his time and back then nearly everyone suffered
from the same form of Doublethink, although even judged by the standards of
his own era Newton was a son of a bitch.

John K Clark
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