[ExI] e: texas county judge demands residents wear bananas

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Maybe you don't want to hear this, but there is a theory that the sight of cleavage is very similar to that of the bare buttocks, which is a very strong sexual signal.  A well-built woman at the beach is going to get lots more looks if she is wearing a thong than if she is showing a lot of cleavage.  (How abut it, oldtimers?  Did you ever think these things would be posted?)


It is sad about the nursing mothers.  But we all know that some men are just jerks and there is no help for it.


bill w


Eh, it is the way evolution has wired us psychologically.  We are attracted to fertility signals even as we go to great effort to prevent fertility.


I am reminded of a friend in college who was a sociology major.  She studied how the female test administrators would do the arm thing to create cleavage if the test taker was attractive.  They might not have even been aware they were doing it.  Of course they were aware they were pissed off when it was discovered, very aware of that, but it started a much-needed discussion on ethics in sociological experimentation.





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