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Spike, a female student answered your question some time aga.  I said that I wanted to be a fly on the wall when girls got together in the dorm and talked about boys or God, or whatever.


She said "No, you don't."  So I said "You mean that girls can be just as nasty, mean, crude, etc. as guys?"  She said Yes.  Dashed my opinion of women in a way. But them I have always been rather naive' in some ways.


bill w



Well sure, but again please: there is no ethical way to be that fly on the wall.  If a secret recording is made, even just audio, then listening to that is as unethical as viewing the secret hidden camera video made in a hotel or locker room.  In some ways, the secret audio is worse than the locker room video, for one is mere nudity, and we all know exactly what that looks like (which is not to say we ever get tired of it (I don’t.))  But a private discussion is secret, and I would not be a fly on the wall.  If I woke up and discovered I was a fly on the wall, I would buzz around the faces of the participants until she swatted my ass.  I would deserve it.


Your student who said “No, you don’t” was right.  I choose to keep my ignorance and embrace my illusions about the fairer sex.  There really are things I don’t want to know and some things I would unknow if that could be made possible.


My sociologist friend’s project from college was one of the most educational experiences I had there.











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>…In my personal experience, if that is not superfluous, I have met very few women I would call jerks, and many men.  Girls, women are fairly far apart growing up, the females with more social and emotional intelligence.  I don't think most men ever catch up with the women.  Men are likely not to see any reason for manners, muchless etiquette, and have to be trained by their girl friends and wives how to act in many situations.  Do you agree, men?


bill w




BillW, can you see any differences in the way guys act when it is only guys present, vs how they act when there is mixed company?


Is it not reasonable to extrapolate that women have some kind of analogous difference in the way they carry on when it is only women present?


The problem is that there is no completely ethical way to find out.  If a hidden camera/audio recorder were placed and the single-gender meeting took place where none of the participants knew the interaction was being recorded, it would be unethical to make the recording or view it once it was recorded.


This is the sociologists’ dilemma: much or nearly all their data must be collected in such a way that it doesn’t impact the test subjects.  The best way to do that is to be deceptive.


We wouldn’t know if women were jerks when they are with only women, but I have heard women bully each other in a way analogous to but not exactly like the way men do.



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