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What sort of mental illnesses did these people have - if you know?  We all
know there is a correlation between IQ and manic-depression. That diagnosis
might not strike people as being crazy, like a diagnosis of schizophrenia
and its hallucinations and delusions would, although a full blown manic
episode would do it..

bill w

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> > John, my point is that insanity (wrong word, really) and genius have no
>> causal connection.  Newton is just an example of both occurring in one
>> person - no cause running either way.  bill w
> Going insane seems to be a occupational hazard for mathematicians,
> especially for great mathematicians; Georg Cantor, Kurt Godel, John Nash,
> Alexander Grothendieck, Grigori Perelman all went nuts. I don't know if
> Paul Erdős was insane but he was certainly very very odd.
>  John K Clark
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