[ExI] Running PPE supplies feels like running drugs sometimes

Adrian Tymes atymes at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 04:54:56 UTC 2020

"You got the goods, man?"
"Right here."
"Set them down and back away."
"Doing so right now.  And payment?"
"Wired to your account from a source that's got no traceable connections to
us, so no one here has to touch cash."
"Cool.  Take it and let's bail before the feds show up."

No visible weapons.  Didn't check for concealed.  Didn't care to.
(Granted, I knew the guy personally and trusted him not to bring guns.)

Significant parts of the trip to and from the drop spot were spent at 90
mph.  At one point, a police SUV slipped behind me - and let me go,
apparently looking for people doing 100+.  Though, 90 was speed of traffic
at that time - on a section of freeway that's often been paralyzed to
stop-and-go during morning/afternoon rush hour traffic over the past
several years.
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