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In 1968 I had my first teaching job at a small liberal arts college.  About
halfway through the year the dean called me in and told me that a student
had complained about me. Oops.  Not a good start to my first job.

Problem:  I did not wear a tie. The Dean said wear one.  He smiled just a
tiny bit.  I did for several months and then never again.  Can you imagine
a student now complaining about it?  Nobody complained that I filled the
room with smoke.

Wearing black nylon socks worn up nearly to the knee with shorts is a
fashion statement in Florida retirement communities.

bill w

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>> I explained that I had bought four identical shirts and three
>> identical sets of pants to give the impression I had only one set of
>> clothes.  She thought it was very funny.
> ### I have 60 pairs of identical black socks.
> Luckily, I never had to work in any place with a dress code. I'm wearing
> scrubs now... and black socks.
> Rafal
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