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*> John--just because most things we know about are soulish does not mean
> that everything is.  I don't think the CMBR is necessarily soulish. *

The CMBR is made of photons. Photons are particles. Atoms are particles. If
one has a soul why not the other?

*> On your brain idea: would you still discount the fact that that foreign
> part had less influence than the closer parts? I also make no mention of
> distance, as it is relative.  However, you say "sometimes", that distant
> part (let's say nodally distant to distinguish from metric distance) is
> used for the computation, well I am comparing that to parts that are
> *always* used for the computation. *

I don't know what you mean by that. The information required to perform a
calculation and the part of the brain that contains it depends on the
particular calculation you want to perform, it might be right next door or
it might be on the other side of the brain. I suppose you could say a NAND
circuit (or something equivalent) is needed for every calculation, but they
are simple and ubiquitous.

> *Let's not even use the word 'soul'--is 'system' a better word? *

Information would be a better word. Science can find no difference between
the hydrogen carbon oxygen and nitrogen atoms in your body and the ones in
my body, the only difference between you and me is the way those atoms are
arranged. And that arrangement can be described with information.

John K Clark
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