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An ever-clearer picture of what might be the most important factor in our current emergency.


Four US states combined have more Covid-19 cases than the other 46 states combined: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Illinois:





I heard from a friend today who lives in upstate New York, who is very annoyed with this statistic.  He explained that it isn’t New York, but rather New York New York.


It’s the city doing all this.  They don’t have many cases outside of downstate NY.


The four states which are really being hit the hardest all have one thing in common: no not that… well that too, but that wasn’t the cause.  The likely cause is that all four of those states have metropolis areas completely dependent on mass transit.


The other states have metropolis areas, but those can be effectively accessed with one’s own car.  Every time I have been in NY, the most striking thing is how difficult it is to move around the downtown area in your own car.  It is terrifying.  I completely see why they use the subways there.


Any area which is completely dependent on subways make it impossible to do social distancing.  Result: huge Covid numbers, and tragedy.  They will not, or cannot shut down those subways, because those are the arteries and veins of the city.


Mass transit was all the rage, such a great deal they told us.  But yesterdays solutions are todays problems.  


Today, yesterday handed us a doozie.



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