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Mass transit was all the rage, such a great deal they told us.  But yesterdays solutions are todays problems.  


Today, yesterday handed us a doozie.


>…In Australia, the culprit has been ships and aeroplanes. The highest number of cases have been in wealthy suburbs in cities, where citizens have a higher frequency of overseas travel, as well as the cases traced to people from particular cruise ships. Public transport is still running normally but usage is down at least 80%, as is usage of private cars.


Stathis Papaioannou



HI Stathis,


Ja, so I hear.  Now that we are far enough along in this crisis, that is a very clear and very important signal: it isn’t the testing, it isn’t the political anything, it isn’t the this or the that.  It’s all about population density.  Population density is the critical factor, which makes perfect sense.  


As human population densities increase everywhere, humans become an ever more suitable and attractive host for viruses.  We have no reason to think this is the last one.  Subways enable cities to pack tighter, and makes them more dangerous.


We as a species recognize the way to control this sort of thing: spread out.  We already knew that: the 1918 pandemic was as bad as it was because the war packed people close, on trains, ships, etc, to get men to the front where they camped in close quarters.  Disease celebrated.  


We are reminded.  It’s really pretty simple.  Now we know: spread out, reduce risk.



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