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Tue Apr 28 13:31:53 UTC 2020

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> Jason Resch said:
> A bunch of things.
> All I'm going to say is that i'm not interested in being a broken record,
> that repeats itself over and over again, indefinitely. I see no value or
> desirability in that.
> I'm interested in living for another 100 years, uploading, augmenting my
> natural abilities, and seeing what's possible after that. I certainly
> wouldn't put my trust in these theories, or rather your interpretation of
> them, and just do nothing. That may or may not be a recipe for oblivion,
> but even if it's not, the end result seems no better.
I never suggested that you ought to do nothing.  I only wanted to offer
some good news for those who perhaps wanted to do something but couldn't or
otherwise were born too early to do anything.

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