[ExI] A preferred direction to the universe?

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> The universe may have a preferred direction. A new study has found a
> spatial variation in the Fine Structure Constant (a pure number
> approximately equal to 1/137) with a 3.9 sigma level of confidence, that
> means there is a 0.8% chance it's just a statistical fluke. It's not good
> enough to claim a discovery, that requires 5 sigma or only 0.023% chance of
> it being bogus, but it's good enough to be interesting. The detected
> variation has a dipole structure, the laws of physics that govern
> electromagnetism seem to get stronger in one direction, and the further we
> look the stronger it gets, and it gets weaker when we look in the oposite
> direction, with no change in the perpendicular direction. In other words
> it has a dipole shape.
> If this turns out to be true then Noether's theorem tells us that the Law
> Of conservation Of Angular Momentum is only approximately true.
> Four direct measurements of the fine-structure constant 13 billion years
> ago <https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/6/17/eaay9672>
does this have any relation to that article from months ago about "time
crystals" have something to do with why time only appears to flow in one
direction also?  I know, magnetism's direction isn't exactly the same as
the flow time, but i'm assuming there's a topological principle that
applies to both higher-level applications.

also, something similar to spike's game of the idea ratio of pyramid height
to base so that ... effectively either a fluid dynamic application or a
center of gravity application; both of which are macro-scale
understanding.  topological explanation of fundamental forces/existential
primitives involves interplay of "shapes" causing emergent features.
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