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On Tue, April 28, 2020 08:36, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
>> The benefits to the expansion of remote working  are obvious, but what 
> is the downside?

>...You might want to look into the tax situation.  In some places you might
owe tax to the state where your office-job is *and* the state where your
working-from-home is.




How well we know that one.

For several years I was commuting to New Jersey for business.  That state
doesn't care where you live: if you spend 30 or more nights in their state,
they want to collect taxes.  Several of my colleagues paid those (the
company covered the cost) but they still had to fill out the tax returns and
all that bother so some of us came up with alternative solutions.

One was to drive into another state from our NJ  office to stay the night.
There were two states within reasonable driving distance, but that was a
pain in the ass too, so as I approached the 30 day limit, I chose another
solution which was unique to me: catch the last flight out of San Francisco
at 1120, wheels down in Newark at 0610, run down to the rental car place
with no checked luggage, never crowded that time of day and I was the first
one there always, get a rental car, drive out to the office, low traffic
still, get out there by 0730, work my ass off, drive the meetings (that was
the important part, don't just go to the meetings, drive the meetings) try
to finish that day, hustle on back to Newark, catch the 640 pm flight back
to San Francisco, wheels down at 935 pm, drive home tired but back home just
the same.

Expense reports looked weird: four meals, no hotel.  New Jersey never knew I
was there (a hotel counts as there, a rental car does not.)  One year I had
29 nights in New Jersey, and several more where I spent the night at 30k ft.
I didn't like that assignment.  I did end up with skerjillions of frequent
flyer miles, none of which I ever used.  I assume those points eventually
died of old age, but no worries, I don't like flying.  I love airplanes, so
cool they are.  I just don't like flying in airliners, forced into contact
with all those other proles who I must assume are like me (ewwwww ick,
gross, take me away Calgon (by car please.))


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