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Isn't it the case that if you have a home office you can take the heating
and cooling, elec. and so on off your taxes for that square footage?   bill

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> >> The benefits to the expansion of remote working  are obvious, but what
> > is the downside?
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> >...You might want to look into the tax situation.  In some places you
> might
> owe tax to the state where your office-job is *and* the state where your
> working-from-home is.
> https://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2020/04/27/the_dangerous_tax_impli
> cation_of_tele-working_490075.html
> <https://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2020/04/27/the_dangerous_tax_implication_of_tele-working_490075.html>
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> How well we know that one.
> For several years I was commuting to New Jersey for business.  That state
> doesn't care where you live: if you spend 30 or more nights in their state,
> they want to collect taxes.  Several of my colleagues paid those (the
> company covered the cost) but they still had to fill out the tax returns
> and
> all that bother so some of us came up with alternative solutions.
> One was to drive into another state from our NJ  office to stay the night.
> There were two states within reasonable driving distance, but that was a
> pain in the ass too, so as I approached the 30 day limit, I chose another
> solution which was unique to me: catch the last flight out of San Francisco
> at 1120, wheels down in Newark at 0610, run down to the rental car place
> with no checked luggage, never crowded that time of day and I was the first
> one there always, get a rental car, drive out to the office, low traffic
> still, get out there by 0730, work my ass off, drive the meetings (that was
> the important part, don't just go to the meetings, drive the meetings) try
> to finish that day, hustle on back to Newark, catch the 640 pm flight back
> to San Francisco, wheels down at 935 pm, drive home tired but back home
> just
> the same.
> Expense reports looked weird: four meals, no hotel.  New Jersey never knew
> I
> was there (a hotel counts as there, a rental car does not.)  One year I had
> 29 nights in New Jersey, and several more where I spent the night at 30k
> ft.
> I didn't like that assignment.  I did end up with skerjillions of frequent
> flyer miles, none of which I ever used.  I assume those points eventually
> died of old age, but no worries, I don't like flying.  I love airplanes, so
> cool they are.  I just don't like flying in airliners, forced into contact
> with all those other proles who I must assume are like me (ewwwww ick,
> gross, take me away Calgon (by car please.))
> spike
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