[ExI] COVID-19 has killed more Americans than the Vietnam War

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I was one day off this sad milestone.  I was not expecting the daily death
rate to spike again to a near-9/11-equivalent per day.  Granted, these
curves are squirrelly.

Spike, you gotta stop saying "this is like the flu".  It is not flu.  
You are going to get people killed with that advice.


Hi K3,

I don't recall saying this was like the flu or offering anyone advice.

If what I had in December was C-19, do let me assure you, it was not like
any flu I ever had, or anything else I have ever had.

My suggestion is that the house-arrest notion might be exactly the wrong
thing: they should be shutting down subways, airlines, cruise lines and
buses.  If we have strict house arrest, anyone infected in the family would
infect everyone else in that home.

I will note that New York and New Jersey, two states completely dependent on
mass transit to get proles in and out of their mega-metropolis, account for
more C-19 deaths than the other 48 states combined.  My friend from upstate
New York reminds me that nearly all of their case load is right down there
in NYNY, not in New York state.

Subways and overcrowding are the big factors spreading this, not the beaches
and businesses.


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