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>>> levance and meaning are value judgements made up by humans, without any
>>> objective basis. There is nothing in physics to say that a speck of dust is
>>> less meaningful than a galaxy.
>> ### I disagree. Our feelings were produced after billions of years of
>> living things' evolution, all according to physical law. This is a very
>> objective basis.
> That is a description of how feelings came about; but where is the
> physical law that says something that was produced after billions of years
> of evolution is important, or more important than something produced after
> a shorter period?

 ### I am not saying there are physical laws that say something is
important, I am noting that our feelings about the importance of various
things are not merely made up, they have an objective explanation.

Perhaps I should remark that our feelings have an objective explanation but
not an objective justification. The justification of feelings is still

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