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I'm an atheist but I grew up in a religious family and I think that their
form of worship is alright. My mom is more religious than my dad, if we
think in the conventional way.

My dad thinks that's there's 'something' at play making everything around
us so complex yet so simple. That something may not be someone. He's more
of a 'some universal power' sort of person. He says that the more we find
out the we know less. There's an inherent beauty to everything, and my dad
calls that 'nature'. He believes that nature is cleverer than we are, and
if there's something disagreeing with the nature, it's wrong.

My mom is a bit more religious, but she worships by doing some praying for
things like the better health of the family or better education for us,
etc. She addresses no one in particular, just closes her eyes and says
stuff like 'May you have ____' .

Of course, it doesn't accomplish anything, but it gives her hope. She says
that even if the thing she prayed for doesn't come true, she'd have hope
and a reason to believe. It's sort of an emotional support system.
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> I think that maybe I asking the totally wrong group:
> What is your understanding of worship?  Where does it come from? What does
> it accomplish?  Can there be a religion without worship?  Is it just a form
> of great esteem, like we might have for Maxwell or Newton?
> bill w
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