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>…I think this stuff about how it's OK to throw away your vote if you're in certain states is nuts for two reasons:

>…1) We're talking about life and death here, and it's crazy to make such a momentous decision based on polls, especially when you consider how wrong the polls were in 2016… John K Clark


If deciding a vote based on polls is crazy, then one should vote for their favorite party, regardless of what the polls say, ja?  


To a minor party voter, victory is determined by whether their party’s vote spanned the gap between winner and loser.  In 2016, the minor parties spanned that gap in a number of states.  Since one’s vote is very important to minority parties, the way to not throw away your vote is to vote for the party which is most aligned with your own beliefs.


So… don’t throw away your vote: vote for your beliefs and don’t worry about the polls.





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